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Environmental Care

TERRA GROUP LANDSCAPE is 100% committed to improving the environment because we are aware of the importance it has in our lives and for future generations. 

Our goal is to improve landscaping by using eco-friendly materials, the newest botanical species, and the most genetically and ecologically plant materials for each habitat, therefore, making them low maintenance.

One of the best ways to make an important change to residential or commercial yard is to switch from the usual natural grass, shrubs and high water consuming plants gardens to a drought-tolerant or desertscape yard.

There are a lot of designs and a huge variety of plants, trees, cactus, rocks, boulders, decomposed granites, and a vast variety of complements to add when designing. And, if you like to see green color in your yard it can also be combined with our premium artificial grass.  


The main advantages of this change are:


  • Low maintenance

  • Water saving

  • Natural looking yard


Desertscapes are a trend in residential, commercial and government projects, and we have been installing them for years in the states of Arizona, Nevada and California.  

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